If you are facing a break up in a relationship, and you are desperate to patch things up, why not try waiting for a while. Give each other some time to think it over. In many situations, a patch up after a breakup actually makes the bond between lovers even stronger than before. But first, you must understand why and how did the break up occur. And once you know where the problem lies, it is time to show your lover how you intend to never repeat the same mistake again. See if the following can be applied in your situation that caused the breakup.

1 – Not delivering on your promise

How many times have we promised our lovers the stars, the moon and the sun and yet, we delivered nothing. I may be exaggerating but most people get very disappointed but you make a promise and then totally failed to deliver, and worst situation will be you have totally forgotten about it. Ask yourself how can you remedy the situation.

2 – Being rude to her in front of others

Everyone have pride and I am sure no one likes to be treated rudely, especially when there are other people looking at the both of you. Mutual respect is the most basic courty you can give to your lover, wife or husband and without it, your relationship will tend to crumple.

3 – Simply not spending enough time with her

We are all very busy at work and in our social life and we will tend to take people for granted. Do you find yourself placing work, family and friends in front and your loved ones in the fourth place. You should know how to get her back. Place him or her as the number one priority in your heart.

4 – No longer being romantic

Romance can spell doom of a relationship, especially if your are not married yet but behaving like you are married. Everyone needs some sparkle in their life, regardless of you being a guy or a girl. And that is why many people commit marital affair. To seek the missing romance element. So search within yourself on what you can do to make things sparkle again.

5 – Lying

This is probably one of the most unforgivable problem that can arise. If we tell the truth, our loved ones may get angry but at least it was the truth. But if you lie, and get spoken lying, then this is one of the most difficult problem to seek a patch up of a relationship. It takes a lot of patience and time to convince someone that you have learn your mistake and not commit the same problem again.

Are you facing a break-up with regards to one of the five possible reasons for a break-up. Think how you can convince your love ones that the same problem will not occur again, but remember to use patience and emotions to get that second chance to change things.

Source by Terry Wayne Jackson