The good thing about close knit ties within a certain couple, friends, and organization or even groups is how relationship is managed between them. Good relationships creates an atmosphere of a happy companionship, while a bad relationships results to a disarray of no proper balance between them.

We need to realize that sometimes, there's a tension that relationships could end up an unhappy ending if not cultured in the right direction. If there's no hope to get a satisfactory result, by all means, you've to decide ending it to lessen too much heartache for both of you.

Compatible partners stemmed from a smooth and intimate closeness for you and your partner. It grows to a much deeper love affection resulting to long lasting ties of happiness. The better understanding for each of you would lead to a harmonious companionship and the atmosphere of doubt and jealousy died down.

But, there's a situation where your relationship becomes sour and makes it hard to establish a way for decisions to be accepted, because both of you do not accept compromise. This makes your ties leads to unhappy ending.

Some people find themselves stays with their partner just for the sake of companion's seek, not for love. This is a one way traffic, and should not be that way. It's unfair if one enjoys the comfort to be taken care of, while the other is feeling from mistrust.

Both of you needs each one for love and care. You live to be one in body and soul because you've got to share all that's going to happen for both of you. Either it be on happiness or sorrows, you're there to hold what you've promised before the eyes of what you believe could put your relationship in a strong foundation that could not be destroyed by any force.

To make your relationship stands in a very strong foundation, you should hold to what you believe would not break whatever temptation that may enter in your life. Loyalty to both of you plays a major role in enhance you stay strong.

Let unselfish prevailing leaving both of you in a position to decide based on what you think would benefit the majority that is close to your hearts, especially those outcasts and downtrodden who are less in material things for comfort.

Summing this up, all that needs to stay in shape for both you and your partner is an open communication all the time. Do not let small problem burn into wild, but rather rectify at once, to avoid a serious confrontation later.

A long lasting companionship commences from a continuous exchanges of ideas and sustaining a good atmosphere of relations.

Source by Crisologo Ramasasa