The Bahamas has become one of the most popular places for students going on spring break for a variety of reasons. For one, the weather is simply gorgeous with lots of sunlight and bright blue skies. Another reason is the variety of things to do. Of those, the spring break beach is without doubt the number one attraction where high school and college students can sunbathe, swim, snorkel, scuba dive, wakeboard, parasail, and much more. The following is a list of beaches in the Bahamas considered the best.

* Paradise Beach – This spring break beach is everyone's favorite although getting to it can be a little tricky. Some hotels provide guests with unrestricted access where non-guests can gain access to only certain areas of the beach but even then, it is well worth visiting. In fact, the entire area of ​​Paradise Island is simply stunning!

* Cabbage Beach – Another popular spring break beach is one of the busiest. Usually, students on spring break look for busy beaches where all the action is so Cabbage Beach is the ideal choice. The only downside is that the beach does not have public restrooms but it is clean and beautiful.

* Western Esplanade – If your spring break travel will be taking you to Nassau, this beach is only a 10-minute drive from the downtown area. You may hear some of the local islanders call this the Junkanoo Beach but regardless, it is a great location with public bathrooms and nearby restaurants.

* Caves Beach – This spring break beach is also not far from Nassau and if you prefer a beach with fewer crowds, this would be the perfect choice. Caves Beach is not as well known as some of the other beaches in the Bahamas but the seven mile drive from Nassau should not discourage you from checking it out.

* Cable Beach – If your goal is to find a spring break beach close to nightlife, shops, restaurants, and casinos, this four-mile long beach located on New Providence Islands is ideal. In addition, it offers close proximity to public facilities and restaurants.

* Xanadu Beach – Situated on the Grand Bahamas Island, the water for this beach is clear and calm, making it great for snorkeling and swimming. It is also very close to the city of Freeport and near restrooms and restaurants. Again, if you want lots of people, this is an extremely popular beach so it is always busy.

* Tahiti Beach – This is another one of the queterr beaches in the Bahamas, making it a great place for walking in the sand, swimming, snorkeling, and sailing. There are no facilities and you would have to park your car above on the road and walk down or take public transportation.

Depending on the spring break beach you head to, you will find all types of beach and water sports offered. You may simply want to soak up the sun and take a dip in the cool water while mingling with people or you may want to experience something a little more adventurous. Scuba diving and snorkeling are both popular sports and many dive shops offer special discounts or package deals for spring breakers so you should check with the hotel or ship to see if they can assist in booking a dive. Another popular activity is swimming with dolphins or stingray.

For instance, you could go on an official Dolphin Encounter through a company located on the Blue Lagoon Island. With this you would literally be face-to-nose with a dolphin, which would leave you with a lifetime memory. Other companies have small boats that take people out to sandbars where they can get in the water with a snorkel mask to feed squid to stingray. Finally, the Hartley's Undersea Walk is something you should at least consider when you visit the Bahamas. With this, you would wear a lead mask and be weighed down so you literally walk on the ocean floor approximately 10 feet below the water's surface. While down there, you will see an array of colorful tropical fish and have the opportunity to take photographs with the use of a digital camera.

Source by Matt Scriven