Spring Break 2010 will be the largest and longest party of 2010 for most college students. New Years parties typically one or two days, but college break last an entire week. Combine that with a tropical destination filled with twenty or thirty of your best friends and you've got one incredible experience, but where?

Where is everyone going and which package is the most popular, affordable, etc … This is the question on every college students mind when they research spring break trips on the internet. Luckily, you have ways of finding out using a few simple steps.

1) Look for complete spring break packages under $ 600. Most students can not afford to pay more than $ 600 at this stage of their life. Many college students will pay above $ 600, but the majority will be booking cheap spring break vacations.

2) Look for all-inclusive packages. College students love to know that everything is included in one price. They do not like to worry about how much spending money they will need for food, alcohol, jet skis, banana boats, parasailing, and club entry. Your probably thinking it's impossible to find all inclusive trips for less than $ 600. Trust me they are out there, but they typically sell out 6 or 7 months in advance each year. Word gets around quickly and these types of packages sell out earlier and earlier each year.

3) Lastly, try to eliminate airfare. An airfare ticket can often cost as much or more than hotel accommodations for 4 to 7 nights. Spring break cruises are a great alternative. Many cruises depart from Florida during the month of March. They travel to the Bahamas and other parts of the Caribbean. These ships typically sell out the month of March before December 1st each year. Some of the cruises depart everyday, others depart every other day in March, and they are filled with 100% college students.

Do your research, prepare early, and make spring break 2010 the best ever for you and your friends.

Source by Here Sabastaller