Do you need help saving a relationship? Take it one day at a time. Do not try to save a relationship in one night by screaming and fighting, as this will not help. Take some time a part to figure out why the relationship is not working. Give each other space and do not call the other person until you are ready to have a meaningful discussion on how to change for the better. No one wants a needy boyfriend or girlfriend calling every hour while taking a break. You could end up pushing the other person away instead of letting them ponder about how much they miss you. Saving a relationship is simple if you know what to do.

Here's how to save a relationship. Figure out how you are going to change before trying to fix the relationship. If you are the person who keeps hurting the relationship you need to look at what you are doing wrong and change it. The other person may not take you back if you do not seriously consider changing your behavior. Instead of just making excuses for your behavior, take responsibility for what you are doing and explain how you are going to do things different. Then you have to follow through on your word. If counseling is what the other person needs you to do to show you are serious about change, that is what you should do to save the relationship.

Saving a relationship may take forgiving the other person. You may be extremely mad about what the other person has done, but if they apologize you may consider forgiving them to save the relationship. Every one makes mistakes, if you love the person and want to work through your problems, forgiving them is good start.

You can save your relationship by being honest from the start. Being honest and defining what you want out of a relationship from the beginning will solve problems later. If both people are aware of what the other person wants out of the relationship there is no confusion later. Confusion about a relationship can be the big reason you are fighting and not getting along. If one of you wants to have a family and the other does not, you are not going to get along. Save yourself the heartbreak later and be honest about what you want out of your relationship.

Good communication is important to saving a relationship. Both people should be able to talk and be understood. If you can not hear the other person because you are screaming then nothing gets solved. Go somewhere public where you both know you will not scream. You should be singing the other person, or how else do you know what they want or where they are coming from.

Try to see the other person's side. If you are constantly fighting for your side and never see where the other person is coming from you may push them away. Saving a relationship may just be as easy as understanding where the person is coming from. Saving a relationship can be done, but requires good communication, forgiveness, change and honesty.

Source by Tiffany Emery